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Key Energy Expo 2024



Rimini, a charming coastal town nestled by the Adriatic Sea, is not only a captivating seaside resort but also an art city. Its extensive coastline and historical sites bear witness to the city's rich history and culture, while modern architecture injects new vitality into this ancient city.From February 28th to March 1st, the 17th Renewable Energy Exhibition in Italy will take place in Rimini.Shinson Solar will showcase its flagship products, inviting you to witness the harmonious integration of photovoltaics with this quaint city.

As one of the significant photovoltaic markets in Europe, Italy maintains a stable demand for solar power. According to the framework document drafted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Environment, Italy plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the total energy consumption to 28% by 2030. Specifically, the share of renewable energy in the electricity generation sector is targeted to rise to 55%. According to data from Italian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry, residential photovoltaic facilities with a capacity not exceeding 20 kilowatts continue to be the backbone of Italy's solar sector, with a new installed capacity of approximately 67.7 megawatts. Additionally, photovoltaic systems with a power range of 20 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts contribute to a total capacity of 46.2 megawatts.

The expanding market presents opportunities for Shinson Solar, and through this exhibition, we hope to deepen our market presence in Italy, allowing more Italians to benefit from the green and clean energy produced by Shinso solar products. Our dedicated sales team in Europe will provide robust support for serving the Italian market. This upcoming exhibition will showcase a series of new products,including high-efficiency 440W TOPCON solar panel, HJT efficient commercial module 710W, BIPV integrated photovoltaic products,450W Ultra-light Flexible solar module, colorful series modules, solar smart air conditioning, and our PLUG-PLAY solar integrated system.

We sincerely invite all colleagues to attend, anticipating communication, exchange, and collaboration with more attendees to contribute collectively to the global application of green and clean energy. Together, let's look forward to Shinson Solar opening up new prospects for vibrant development in 2024 through this exhibition.