Pv Kits
Pv Kits

Revolutionizing the way solar energy systems are delivered, Shinson has created multiple product lines designed for specific solar energy installations and applications, including, on-grid , hybrid ,carport and agriculture solar kits.  The use of PV Kits designed by us yields cost and time savings by offering users an “ALL-IN-ONE” (packaged) product, thus eliminating the need for the customer to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers.  


30KW / 50KW / 100KW / 500KW / 1000KW

Dual use for land

Dual use in land for agriculture and energy production could alleviate competition for land resources and allow for less pressure to develop farmland or natural areas into solar farms or to convert natural areas into more farmland.

Unique products

Shinson has the unique products like BIPV panels with special designed racking system can maximumumly reduce the system cost

Turnkey Solutions

Shinson can provide a turnkey or customized solutions of products including panels, mountings , inverters batteries and BOS.

What We Can Do?
  • Product Supplier

  • Engineering Design & System mornitoring

  • Intallation Support

  • After-sale serivce


Application Scenarios


Conventional Installtion


Ground Intsalltion


Vertical Installation


PV Green House

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